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Trafalgar Falls

These well-known twin waterfalls are a 15-20 minute drive from the capital. A tranquil, short walk among lush trees and calming sounds takes visitors to the viewing platform. The twin falls are referred to as the Father and Mother falls. The more valiant can continue on to swim in the fresh waters of the smaller waterfall (Mother) or hike up to the Father Falls where you will also find a hot water spring.

Emerald Pool

This beautiful grotto is a short walk into the rain forest in the interior of the island. Very popular with cruise ship visitors; just remember to take along your swimming trunks but be warned - it might be a little chilly.

Its an amazing place to have a wedding.

Sultan Falls

With one main fall, a smaller fall and other cascades, this is a great and little known attraction. The falls are just a 20-odd minute walk from the road, but the trail is very steep in places.

There is a US$5 fee to access the falls.

Titou Gorge

This delightful spot is at the start of the hike to the Boiling Lake, and is a small waterfall deep in a water-filled gorge

It can be a cold swim, but there's also hot water close by, making it a refreshing stop at the end of the hard Boiling Lake hike!

Freshwater Lake

One of the Caribbean’s few lakes with volcanic origin.

There is boating and kayaking available on the lake and a variety of hikes in the area. If the weather is kind, it offers some outstanding views of the Lake and the east coast.

Boiling Lake

The most famous of Dominica’s trails, the Boiling Lake is a flooded vent reached after a hard 3-4 hour hike from the village of Laudat. But it’s well worth it – the Lake is a cauldron of bubbling greyish-blue water that is usually enveloped in a cloud of vapour. The lake is known as the world’s second largest boiling lake, at approximately 200 ft across.

Sulphur Springs

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Screws Sulphur Spa

Bar and hot sulphur pools

Tikwen Glo Sho

Delightful collection of hot water pools, hot-water filled bath tubs and even a waterfall.

Tia's Bamboo Cottages

Wonderfully located exposed and covered hot pools. Located in Wotten Waven, Saint George Parish, Dominica.

Batibou Beach

Also part of what was Hampstead Estate, this sandy beach once known as Hampstead Beach, is located at the mouth of the Hampstead River.

What makes this beach most appealing is the area where the Hampstead river meets the Ocean.

Woodford Hill Beach

A beautiful white-sand beach on the north-east coast. Swimming is good here as the bay has a reef which allows for calmer waters. There is a small fisheries building with parking close to the beach.

Purple Turtle Beach

Popular beach, especially on weekends and holidays. Located in Prince Rupert's Bay, within walking distance to Fort Shirley and Cabrits National Park.

Mero Beach

A grey-sand beach on the island's west coast, 20 minutes from Roseau. There are a number of bars and restaurants within the vicinity.

Kalinago Territory

The Kalinago Barana Autê offers a unique experience, sharing the history and traditions of the Kalinago people from hundreds of years ago. It is a world of colour and pageantry, where the nation's first people's talent and pride are abundant.

Kalinago Barana Autê is located along the banks of the Crayfish-River near the Isukulati Falls in the Carib Territory of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Red Rock Calibishie

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Scotts Head

Located at the southern tip of Dominica lies Scott's Head. On either side of this tombolo is the clearly turbulent Martinique Channel/Atlantic Ocean and the calm Caribbean Sea. A small stony beach on the Caribbean side (part of the Marine Reserve) is used for picnicking and swimming. Part of the Soufriere-Scott's Head Marine Reserve.

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Jacko Falls

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Cabrits National Park

This park is best known as the site of Fort Shirley, a large 18th-century British garrison which once housed 600 soldiers. Some stone ruins remain half-hidden in the jungle and are fun to explore.

The Fort is now used for various functions such as Weddings and other events.

Indian River

This boat-trip along a coastal swamp forested river is perfect for the bird watcher or nature-lover. The area is a coastal wetland dominated by the spectacular buttressed Bwa Mang trees.

Please make sure your tour boat is not using an outboard-motor!